MicroTheta™ Rotary (MTR)

MTRThe MicroTheta™ Rotary indexer adds 4th axis capability to any VIEW video system equipped with VMS.

With MTR, parts can be automatically rotated within a measurement routine to present a different view to the system. This enables VMS to inspect a surface of a part, index the rotary to a different location, and then inspect another surface of the part. With the power and flexibility of VMS, the user can inspect features on a greater number of surfaces on 3D parts.

When combined with a machine tool, the MTR can enable a VIEW system to be used in Adaptive Machining, where a VIEW system and a machine tool are used together to modify an existing part based on the inspection data.

Detailed information is available on the datasheet.

Technical Data

Position Resolution2 arc seconds
Positioning Accuracy± 5 arc seconds


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