VIEW systems achieve high accuracy and high operating speed by integrating proven materials with sound mechanical designs and state of the art motion control systems.

The foundation of VIEW performance is based on robust platforms built using carefully selected materials providing structural integrity, thermal stability and vibration isolation.

Mechanical motions are designed using precision ground guide-rails and reciprocating ball-bearing slides.

Stage Types

The design of the part transport system is based on the measuring range and the size and weight of the parts being measured.

Our smaller travel systems use compound X,Y stages which allow straightness and squareness to be machined-in for stable behavior even when used in factory environments.   These systems have a compact footprint and offer high speed and reliable performance with little or no maintenance.

Larger travel systems have the X and Y axis motions completely separate, ensuring that neither influences the other when moving under load.   Typically, it is more economical to mount the optics and sensors on a bridge, with the optics moving from side to side, while the part is moved on the worktable under the bridge.  

Systems with a very large measuring range feature moving bridge designs in which the part being measured remains stationary and the optics and sensors are moved around it.   This arrangement simplifies the mechanical design and facilitates loading and unloading of large, heavy parts.  

Stage Motion Control Systems

Direct drive servo motors are used for the Benchmark products, while non-contact linear motors are offered as options for the Summit and Pinnacle systems. Linear motors provide very high acceleration and speeds, but because they have no direct coupling with the moving parts of the system, they apply no influence to the straightness or squareness of motion.


Assembled systems are error mapped by measuring a certified grid plate or linear line scale with features spaced every 10 or 20 mm. By comparing the measured locations of each feature to their known, certified locations, a high-density 2-dimensional error map is created that ensures the entire range of travel is calibrated and compensated for local variations in the accuracy of the motion system.

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