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Keeping your VIEW current - October 1, 2019

Digital Zoom in VMS 10


 VMS 10 features a new enhancement that allows a user to digitally zoom into the part up to a configurable magnification (6x by default) and zoom step size.  This is very useful in large field of view single magnification systems using a high megapixel camera.  This allows the user to see small features and edit finders easily without using a dual magnification system.  Note that finders are still run on the full resolution image from the camera.  Digital zooming is a display only feature to aid in finder placement and will not alter measurement values. 


To digitally zoom click the video window, hold down the control key on the keyboard and use the mouse wheel to zoom.  Moving the mouse wheel up zooms in wherever the cursor is placed and moving the mouse wheel down zooms out.  The zoom magnification is displayed in the upper right.


In the example below we zoom in between the V and the I and place a line finder on the V:


We use the mouse wheel to zoom to 6x:


Once the digital magnification is set to 6x a line finder is placed and run:


Zoomed back out:


VMS has the option of displaying the finders run at the digital zoom level used during editing while the program is running.  It can be turned on in the User Configuration:


Adjusting the digital zoom maximum zoom and zoom increment:

In the registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\View Engineering\Voyager\10.0\Preferences:

DigitalZoomIncrement – This key adjusts the amount of zoom change per mouse wheel click.  0.25x per mouse wheel move is the default value.

DigitalZoomMaxLevel – This key adjusts the maximum amount of digital zoom available.  6x is the default maximum zoom level. 

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