High-value, high-accuracy dimensional metrology system.

The VIEW Benchmark™ 450 delivers VIEW performance with generous measuring envelopes. Benchmark 450 embodies the ideal configuration of SMT assembly metrology when configured with VIEW’s unique Elements software.

The Benchmark 450 handles large form-factor parts with high precision in a rugged, shop-floor configuration with a small footprint. Its fixed bridge design separates the X and Y axis motions, allowing each to operate without any influence on the other. This arrangement provides the maximum mechanical integrity and accuracy in the stage motion.

Key Features and Options

Dual magnification optics and an optional through-the-lens (TTL) laser sensor make the Benchmark an ideal system for many applications including molded plastic parts, screen printer stencils, printed circuit boards, solder paste, epoxy glue dots, precision machined parts, and many others.

The Benchmark 450 operates with any of VIEW's standard metrology software packages:


X,Y,Z Travel450x450x200 mm
Load Capacity65 kg
Imaging OpticsDual magnification, fixed lens optics with field interchangeable front lens. VIEW 2.5X front lens included as standard. Low mag has 1:1 with front lens; high mag has 4:1 with front lens.Single magnification, fixed lens optics with factory configurable back tube and field interchangeable front lens. VIEW 1X back tube and 2.5X front lens included as standard.
Metrology Camera1.4 megapixel, 1/2 inch, digital monochrome1.4 megapixel, 2/3 inch, digital, monochrome
2.0 megapixel 1/2 inch, digital monochrome
IlluminationAll LED coaxial through-the-lens surface light and below-the-stage back lightMulti-color programmable ring light
Grid autofocus system
Sensor Options Through-the-lens (TTL) laser Spectra Probe white light range sensor
Off-axis triangulation laser
Measurement ModesHigh Speed Move and Measure (MAM)Continuous Image Capture (CIC)


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