Why Choose VIEW?

There are many suppliers of vision measurement systems today. Why should you choose VIEW as your metrology partner?

We Provide The Right Solution for Your Application, and Your Business

At VIEW, our approach is to understand your application requirements and your business before recommending a measurement system. We have the experience, technologies, and talent to create the solution that meets your specs, your run rate, your workflow, and your budget. Whether you need a single system to solve a special problem, or dozens of exact copy systems in multiple locations worldwide to control critical processes, VIEW can fit your needs.

Productivity = Sigma Control At Speed

Many measurement techniques offer high accuracy, but few combine precision and high throughput in a production worthy tool. VIEW's combination of high-speed platforms, sensors, and robust metrology software offers gage-capable measurements at production rates. VIEW's team has the experience in integrating metrology systems into electronics and precision component manufacturing to ensure high reliability and usability in real world conditions. Many suppliers will say, "We can measure that." VIEW will show you the speed and repeatability data to prove it.

Software Choices - All Made to Measure

At VIEW, we recognize that one size does not fit all - one metrology software is not best suited to every application. That's why we offer a choice of unique metrology software packages - to let you have the capabilities and range that are right for your parts and your business. VIEW's renowned VMS software offers the ultimate application specific functionality for complex parts, while Elements® automatically converts CAD files to measurement routines for the high-mix, high-volume electronics assembly business.

Low Cost of Ownership - Value to You

At VIEW, we recognize the complex but critical nature of Cost of Ownership. Up-front equipment cost, throughput, repeatability, operator training, maintenance requirements, and reliability must all be considered. Although VIEW systems may not always have the lowest price in their class, when you add it all up, the difference is clear. A system that can measure twice the parts in half the time, with high MTBF, not only saves you money, it lets you focus on your process and your customers. That is true value.

Consider a VIEW system for your next measurement application.


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