Critical Dimension Measurement Systems

Seeing and measuring the impossible

VIEW Micro-Metrology offers a full line of optical metrology systems for wafer, photomask, slider, MEMS, semiconductor package, HDD suspension, probe card, and micro-component process measurements.

Pinnacle Pinnacle
Pinnacle 250 Pinnacle 250

A high throughput, high-accuracy dimensional metrology system

Pinnacle Plus Pinnacle Plus

Elevates Pinnacle performance to the next level.

Benchmark Benchmark Benchmark Benchmark
Benchmark 250 Benchmark 250

A compact, high-accuracy dimensional measurement system

Benchmark 450 Benchmark 450

Exceptional value in a high-accuracy dimensional measurement system

Benchmark 624 Benchmark 624

Large transport dimensional measurement system

Benchmark XLT Benchmark XLT

Extra large format dimensional metrology system

MicroLine Precis Summit
MicroLine MicroLine 300

Offers exceptional linewidth and overlay measurement capability

Precis 200 Precis 200

Delivers sub-micron field-of-view and point-to-point measurement accuracy

Summit 600/800 Summit 600/800

A large travel, high-accuracy dimensional measurement system

VIEW Micro-Metrology provides many services including installation and training when purchasing a new system. Read More >